Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Championship Round 2 is coming CarTown-EX

The Championship Round 2 is coming this weekend!
Bracket A is for the true champion of Car Town EX!

Bracket A:
Any car except the '11 Ferrari 150th Italia

Open period:
2013/7/26 18:00 〜2013/7/29 15:00 (Japan Standard Time)

from : Car Town EX (Official Fanpage)

For Bracket B you'll need some American Muscle from your garage!

Bracket B:
Any Chevrolet, Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Pontiac, Shelby, or SRT

Open period:
2013/7/26 18:00 〜2013/7/29 15:00 (Japan Standard Time)
from : Car Town EX (Official Fanpage)

Bracket C features special cars we've made over the past year!

Bracket C:
Rickshaw, Shopping Cart, Melody Bear, Melody Tiger, Melody Panda

from : Car Town EX (Official Fanpage)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

THE Championship Tournament - CarTown-EX

As part of the 1-Year Anniversary, please welcome,,,,,,,, The Championship Tournament!
This Tournament will be a two-week event!
Were told that only the best prizes await the true champions, below are the Reward Tiers for The Championship Round 1 Tournament!
Reward Tiers:

Tier 1: Rank 1
Gold Championship Trophy (functional: 10,000 CarTown Coins every 24 hours), Championship Mystery Box, 150 CarTown Points

Tier 2: Rank 2~20
Silver Championship Trophy (functional: 5,000 CarTown Coins every 24 hours), High Octane Mystery Box, 100 CarTown Points

Tier 3: Rank 21~200
Bronze Championship Trophy (functional: 3,000 CarTown Coins every 24 hours), Gold Mystery Box, 50 CarTown Points

Tier 4: Rank 201~500
Steel Championship Trophy (functional: 2,000 CarTown Coins every 24 hours), Silver Mystery Box, 20 CarTown Points

Tier 5: Rank 501~2,000
Bronze Mystery Box, 10 Car Town Points, 5,000 CarTown Coins

Tier 6: Rank 2,001~10,000
3,000 CarTown Coins, 1000 XP

Tier 7: Rank 10,001~20,000
2,000 CarTown Coins, 500 XP

Tier 8: Rank 20,001 (Booby Prize)
100 CarTown Points

Good luck to all you racers out there!

The Brackets for the Tournament are as follows :

Bracket A is a challenge from the Land of the Rising Sun! Who's the best tuner out there!
・Any Toyota
・Any Nissan
・Any Honda
・Any Subaru
・Any Mitsubishi

Hostile Racing will be bringing Brian's Supra with a couple of extra upgrades.

Bracket B is a test of European supercars!
・Any Pagani
・Any Lamborghini
・Any McLaren

Hostile Racing will be bringing a Lamborghini Countach. 

Bracket C is features rescued cars and special cars we've released over the past year!
・Any Rescued cars: Ice Cream Truck, Taco Truck, Milk Truck, Flower Truck, Dog Wash Car, School Bus, Fire Truck
・'12 Car Town EX Rage of the Zombies
・'12 Car Town EX Gone with the Wave
・'12 Car Town EX Special Delivery Truck

Hostile Racing will be bringing our signature GREEN Fire Truck.
I do hope everyone comes out racing with us these next 2(two) weeks. Good luck to all you racers out there!
Until next time, remember" If you ain't drag racing, you ain't doing nothing" .

Open period:
2013/7/19 18:00 〜2013/7/22 15:00 (Japan Standard Time)

It's Car Town EX's 1-Year Anniversary.

It's Car Town EX's 1-Year Anniversary!
To kick things off their giving away 365 Car Town Points to 5 random people!

SHARE the Anniversary
post before 7/19/2013 to be eligible!
Five winners will be selected on 7/19/2013 JST!

More events and gifts will be coming for the next 2 weeks so stay tuned CarTown-EX fan Page at FaceBook
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Merge Cars in CarTown-EX

Have more than one of the same car?
Merge them together to unlock all the way up to three Upgrade slots now!

You can find the function in each car's Upgrades menu.

Be careful though, not every merge will be successful, good luck!

From:Car Town EX (Official Fanpage)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

NHRA Funny Car driver John Force hooks Ron Capps

Published on Jun 30, 2013
John Force chutes catch Ron Capps from Championship Sunday at the O'Reilly Auto Parts Route 66 NHRA Nationals.
This had just passed by on my FaceBook wall and I thought I would share it.

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Lots of PINK SLIP Races.

The Fast and Furious Experience is now live in the GPS!
Win and build cars from your favorite movies in the series now!
Don't miss it the The Fast and Furious Experience is now live in the GPS!
Come and build your favorites or build them all. There are also lots of Pink Slips up for grabs,

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fast 6 Adventure is now open.

The Fast 6 Adventure is now open! Choose from three different Adventures for exclusive prizes! I choose to do Dom's Challenge first. I want the Super Bird!
Be sure to check out ALL of the Fast 6 Adventure. Under your GPS tab is a new Fast 6 tab, choose this tab to build more cars and race for lots of PINK SLIPS. Hostile Racing has already begun build the first to restorations in the new Fast 6 Garages. Come race with all of us other CarTown-EX Fanatics, hope to see you there.

Play now! ⇒ http://apps.facebook.com/cartown-ex/

40 Free Blue Points CarTown-EX

Report! From the CarTown-EX Fan Page:
The Car Town EX Fanpage has reached 400,000 Likes!
As a gift of gratitude from the Car Town EX Team we're giving away 40 Car Town Points!!

Use the Gift Code button above the game to get your prize now!
■ 40 Car Town Points
Gift Code: 0e26-b21c-d959-1004
Valid Until: 07/18/2013

* The Gift Code button will only appear after the game has fully loaded. If you have any problems receiving the code please contact our Customer Support.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Honda S800

Honda S800 has been added to the Master Mechanic list! Get to junkyard to restore this beauty now!

I'm happy to see a new car of any kind being added to the restorations. I particularly like this one because I had one like it when I was younger.

<--This fabulous mark 1 S800 was subject to a nut & bolt rebuild in the late 1990’s at a cost of around £9,000. This work included having the chassis sandblasted and painted, the body stripped to bare metal a full engine/mechanical rebuild and a new wiring loom. Genuine factory parts were used in the restoration and all the receipts are available for inspection in its history file. All of the restoration work is fully photographed and documented. The underneath is painted in the body colour and even today the paintwork is near perfect. 

In total the car has covered 65,000 miles and only 4,000 miles since restoration. The car has recently been re-commissioned with many new parts and is now ready for its next owner to enjoy.
This car is rewarding to drive and the performance is much better than the engine size would suggest. The engine is sublime with a roller-bearing crank and four separate carburettors. Once inside the cockpit is roomy and comforting. As these cars were the first that Honda imported into the UK they went to great lengths to engineer them well. The wooden steering wheel is similar to that fitted to a period Ferrari.

Spares availability is improving as the value of the cars rise and there are now several suppliers dedicated to supporting these cars. Interest in these cars is rising and even Jay Leno has one is his collection!